Construction Runoff and Post Construction Development


EPA and DHEC have delegated the authority/responsibility to the City of Florence to regulate construction stormwater runoff of activities that results in a land disturbance greater than or equal to one acre.
Construction activities includes, at a minimum clearing, grading, and excavating that result in land disturbance of equal to or greater than one acre or clearing grading and excavating that result in disturbance of less than one acre of total land area that is part of a larger common plan (LCP)of development.
As a result, the City of Florence is classified as a Small MS4.  The construction site stormwater runoff control is a more clearly define  permit requirement for all MS4s due to the potential impact construction has on water quality.
One of the components of this designation is the permitting of construction activities inside the City of Florence.
Stormwater runoff is rainfall that flows over the ground surface.  Think about roads, driveways, parking lots, roof tops and other paved surfaces that do not allow water to soak into the ground
In order for the City to adequately reduce adverse water quality impacts due to land disturbing activity, it was necessary to establish the legal authority to require Best Management Practices (BMP)s and other water quality considerations on construction sites.   It was also necessary to establish the legal authority to inspect sites and regulate these water quality requirements.
Please contact the City of Florence Planning & Development Department and the City of Florence Engineering Division at (843)665-2047 to begin the planning and permitting process of your proposed development. You can visit both departments in person on the 2nd floor of the City of Florence City Center at 324 W. Evans St., Florence, SC 29501.
Another requirement resulting from our MS4 designation is the responsibility for inspecting active construction sites for stormwater compliance.  In addition to our oversight inspections, contractors are required to conduct weekly inspections of their projects.  Click the following link to see our recommended Owner Inspection Report
Construction Stormwater related DHEC links: