Suppression Division

Deputy Fire Chief Hank Glover, Division Manager

The name "Suppression" is quite misleading when it comes to these men and women, as putting out fires is only a part of what they do!
A firefighter’s shift begins at 7:00 am and ends at 7:00 am the following morning. During this time, they perform multiple duties designed to prepare them for situations to which they may respond. Aside from fire extinguishment, firefighters respond to a wide range of "emergency" requests. Responses include medical first responder along with EMS, Hazardous Materials release, vehicle accidents, electrical issues, rescue (confined space, high/low angle rope, extrication, structural collapse), and various others. In order to remain knowledgeable in all these areas, firefighters must train regularly in all disciplines.

In addition to maintaining personal readiness, firefighters also keep apparatus and equipment maintained. Apparatus are checked and cleaned daily in an effort to keep them in good operating condition. They also perform hose testing and hydrant testing annually.

Other duties performed include conducting pre-incident plans of local businesses, conducting fire safety education, and installing smoke detectors…All while working around approximately 4000 emergency responses each year.