Smoke Detector Program

installing smoke detector Working smoke alarms can greatly increase your chances of surviving a fire in your home or office. That's why the City of Florence Fire Department encourages all citizens to install and maintain approved smoke alarms in every bedroom and on each level of their residence. The smoke alarm program is designed to insure that smoke alarms are installed in all City of Florence residences, including those of senior citizens, disabled citizens, or persons living on a fixed income.

Since the majority of fire deaths that occur in residential occupancies are caused by smoke inhalation, it is important that all City of Florence citizens have the early warning a smoke alarm can provide. Florence Fire Department officials help citizens in need to install smoke alarms free of charge and remind homeowners/occupants to clean and test smoke alarms once a month and replace batteries at least once a year. For more information or to participate in the smoke alarm program call 843-665-3231 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.