Stormwater Collection System

The City of Florence Stormwater Operations Division is responsible for installing and maintaining storm drains and drainage ditches in public areas and along City streets. Storm drains and ditches divert the water after a storm or shower away from road surfaces, parking lots, and rooftops into larger water bodies such as creeks, streams, rivers, and eventually, the ocean. The system consists of inlets or catch basins, open channels and ditches, underground pipelines, and detention ponds.
The department is also responsible for street sweeping inside the City. Primarily, the City only sweeps major arteries and heavily traveled roads with curb and gutter. Secondary and residential streets are swept on an as needed basis. One of the main reasons for sweeping streets is to reduce the sand and pollutants that enter the drainage system causing blocked pipes and poor water quality in adjoining waterways.
The department routinely cleans drains, pipes, streets, and ditches to remove obstacles obstructing the flow of water and makes structural improvements to insure that the system is efficiently and reasonably handling water flow.
Citizens are reminded to never dispose of leaves, grass clippings, or trash into the drainage system or in a location, such as a roadway, where debris could be swept into the system by storm water. Such actions may result in serious flooding after the next storm. In addition, it is equally important to never dispose of hazardous materials, or liquids such as motor oil, in a storm drain as this type of pollution is devastating to the environment.
For more information, or to report a storm drain or ditch that is backed up or flooding, contact the Stormwater Operation Division, located at 1440 McCurdy Road, between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at 843-665-3236.
Phone Number:
(843) 665 - 3236
1440 McCurdy Road Florence, SC 29506

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