Groundwater Treatment

The City of Florence has a total of 14 groundwater treatment plants. Water is delivered to each plant from a total of 33 wells. Deep wells are set in the Midville Aquifer System, and average 350 feet in depth. While shallow wells pump out of the Black Creek Aquifer, and average 135 feet in depth. Collectively, the groundwater treatment plants produce an average of 10.5 million gallons per day (MGD).
Groundwater is aerated, and then lime and chlorine are added. After the treated water passes through the iron removal filters, fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay, and the water is on its way to the distribution system. In the distribution system, there are 14 elevated storage tanks. The two primary purposes for having elevated storage tanks within a water distribution system are to provide for fire protection and system pressure.
Production of safe drinking water that is free of harmful bacteria and toxic materials is our first priority, and is vital to the Florence community. Chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water at each of the groundwater treatment plants. We sample 252 sites throughout the distribution system each quarter. The samples are checked for Total Coliform and also for the presence of E Coli.
Sometimes water quality issues arise, and groundwater operators respond as quickly as possible. To report water quality concerns, call (843) 665-3236, and a dispatcher will forward your issue to an on-call operator.
All groundwater operators are licensed through the state of South Carolina Environmental Certification Board.
Phone Number:
(843) 665 - 3236
1440 McCurdy Road Florence, SC 29506

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