Annexation is the process for the City of Florence to incorporate properties into the city limits. It is initiated at the request of the property owner. If you are considering annexation into the the City of Florence, we want to help you through the process and answer any questions along the way.

There are many benefits to annexation including access to quality services and engagement opportunities available through becoming a resident of the city. Benefits include:

  • enhanced public safety protection including coverage by an accredited law enforcement agency and fire service with an ISO I rating.
  • sanitation and yard debris services
  • reduced water and sewer utility rates
  • housing, litter, and nuisance codes enforcement
  • ability to participate in municipal elections
  • ability to serve on municipal boards and commissions

Additional Services

Most annexation requests are from individual property owners or developers; however, the City of Florence also works with existing subdivisions and neighborhoods that are interested in annexation as a group. At the request of the homeowners association (HOA) or neighborhood group, city staff can attend one of your scheduled meetings to discuss the benefits of annexation and answer any questions you might have.

For additional information, please contact the Planning, Research, and Development Department at (843) 665-2047.

What is annexation?

Annexation is a term used to describe the process for your property to become part of the city limits. While you are still part of Florence County, upon annexation, your property is also incorporated into the City of Florence which qualifies you to receive municipal services and participate in municipal government.

How do I qualify for annexation?

To qualify for annexation, your property must be contiguous or adjacent to a property already located within the City of Florence. Additionally, city staff will review your property's eligibility with a review of water and sewer availability and zoning of properties that surround yours. To determine eligibility, please contact us at (843) 665-2047.

If I annex, will my address change?

No, your address does not change when you annex into the City of Florence.

What services does the City of Florence provide to residents inside city limits?

City of Florence services for residents include police, fire, and curbside sanitation. Additionally, you can play an integral role in the direction of the City through opportunities to apply for municipal boards and commissions, vote in City Council elections, and participate in long-range planning activities.

What services does the City of Florence provide to commercial properties inside city limits?

City of Florence services for commercial property owners include police, fire, and commercial sanitation with fees based upon the number of dumpsters required and frequency of pickup.

Will my taxes change if I annex into the City of Florence?

While your property taxes may be slightly higher, water and sewer rates for customers inside city limits are reduced, curbside sanitation is provided, and police and fire services are enhanced. The City of Florence Planning Department is happy to answer specific questions on costs associated with your annexation into the City.

What is the process for annexation?

The first step for annexation is a staff review to determine if your property is eligible to come inside the city limits. Items reviewed include:

  1.  Is the property contiguous/adjacent to another property already inside city limits?
  2.  Is water and sewer service available?
  3.  What is the zoning designation of properties surrounding the applicant's property?

Once eligibility is determined, a public hearing with the City of Florence Planning Commission will be held. Following review by Planning Commission, the annexation will be proposed through two readings at City Council. On average, annexation is a three-month process that City of Florence staff will guide you through from start to finish.

I'm ready to annex my property. What do I do next?

To begin the annexation process, reach out to the City of Florence Planning Department at (843) 665-2047. 

Phone Number:
(843) 665-2047
324 West Evans Street, Suite 200, Florence, SC 29501
Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday