Business Licenses

Every person engaged in any calling, business, occupation or profession within the incorporated limits of the city is required to obtain a business license.

Any person opening a place of business in the City of Florence, SC must follow the guidelines below:

A.  Prior to making application for a City of Florence Business License, a prospective business must first obtain a Zoning Certificate of Compliance and pass a Fire Marshal inspection. 

To begin this process, contact the City of Florence Planning, Research and Development Department located in the Development Services Office, Room 200 located at 324 West Evans Street (Telephone:  843-665-2047). 

The following documents are required to demonstrate that a building or facility has been approved for business operation:

1. A City of Florence Municipal Zoning Compliance Certification; and
2. A Fire Marshal Inspection Order.

The City of Florence Municipal Zoning Compliance Certificate may be obtained at the City of Florence Planning, Research and Development Department.

Upon obtaining a Municipal Zoning Compliance Certification, the Planning Research and Development Department will coordinate a Fire Marshal inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the building or structure complies with all required fire safety standards and requirements of the City of Florence Fire Department. A Fire Inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection. Typically, it takes no more than two days to schedule and have a building inspected.

Note:  If any electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural or other modifications are being made at the prospective business site, the City of Florence Licensing & Permitting Department located on the 4th floor at 324 West Evans Street should be contacted.  The telephone number is 843-665-3151.

B.  When a prospective business has been cleared for operation within the City limits the process for obtaining a business license may be completed.  The following documents must be submitted to obtain your City of Florence business license:

1. A complete business license application. A blank application may be emailed to the applicant, or downloaded from the website linked below.
2. Copies of the Zoning Compliance Certification and the Fire Marshal Inspection Order.

The documents listed in numbers 1 & 2 above may be mailed to the Licensing & Permitting Department, 324 West Evans Street, Florence, SC 29501 or hand delivered to the City of Florence Licensing & Permitting Department located on the 4th floor at 324 West Evans Street, Florence, SC.   Payment for the business license may be made with cash, credit card or check made payable to the City of Florence.

Please note that the requirements above pertain only to the City of Florence for business operation. Other state and federal laws and regulations may apply.

Download & Print the Business License Application

Phone Number:
(843) 665-3173
324 West Evans Street, Florence, SC 29501
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm