Fatal Accident Investigation Team (FAIT)


About Us

The Florence Police Department’s Fatal Accident Investigation Team (FAIT) is responsible for conducting at-scene and follow-up investigations of motor vehicle crashes that result in the death or serious physical injury of a person.  Officers use a variety of techniques and special tools to document the scene and reconstruct the collision. 

FAIT members attend technical courses in crash reconstruction, pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle. FAIT members also receive extensive instruction in the interpretation of data collected at the scenes and from other evidence to determine vehicle speeds using algebra, physics, and geometry. Officers assigned to the FAIT team are always on-call to respond to crashes at any time and in all weather conditions. 

Phone Number:
non-emergency: 843-665-3191
324 West Evans Street, Florence
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm