What is the Local Hospitality Fee?

Hospitality Fee is a uniform fee equal to two percent (2%) imposed on the sale of Prepared Meals and beverages for immediate consumption sold in establishments that are responsible for collecting the fee at the time of sale.
Prepared Meals means food prepared or modified by an establishment which at the time of sale is ready for consumption by members of the public, regardless of the food’s actual quantity, presentation, or packaging.
Establishment means any business within the City which sells Prepared Meals and beverages for immediate consumption.  Establishments include restaurants, bars and lounges, hotels and motels with restaurants and/or lounge facilities, caterers, ice cream shops, bakery shops, and other food service facilities including convenience and grocery stores (that have specified areas where foods and beverages are prepared).

Phone Number:
(843) 665-3173
324 West Evans Street, Florence, SC 29501
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm