Compliance is a team employed by the City of Florence to identify and improve stormwater related conditions that may potentially be harmful to our city’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The goal is to lead the City of Florence in regulatory compliance with Phase II MS4 requirements. The scope of Compliance ranges from grease traps to construction site runoffs to minor and major illicit discharges such as paint poured into a drain or sanitary sewer overflows.

The team also provides various support to other departments and divisions as it relates to best management practices (BMP)s to satisfy the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for stormwater discharge.

Within Compliance, operates our Backflow Prevention Program designed to ensure the proper device(s) are in place to prevent contaminates from entering our city’s drinking water.

Additionally our Banner Program can be found under the purview of Compliance serving as a way for the public to advertise a number of various functions, events, and more. Our Compliance team was created and remains in effect with the objective to achieve compliance with City and Federal regulations as it pertains to Backflow and Stormwater in an effort to elevate the quality of life in our City and region.

River Sweep 2021:

The City of Florence Compliance Team participated in the 2021 Beach Sweep/River Sweep trash and debris cleanup for Jeffries Creek at Freedom Florence on Saturday, September 25, 2021. The cleanup helped bring awareness to growing concerns about the accumulation of trash and debris in our waterways. The Jeffries Creek Watershed is one of Florence’s main watersheds. It is in Darlington and Florence Counties and drains into the Great Pee Dee River. From there, it then flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Because we are a small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) entity, the City of Florence is required to consider the impact our local watersheds have on our river basins and ocean.

The Compliance Team, along with Keep Florence Beautiful, Carolina Clear, and the Air Force ROTC, took the opportunity to enjoy a morning out while being productive in the cleanup.

The Sweep called for documenting quantities and types of litter collected for a pollution study. The City of Florence Compliance Team mainly retrieved food wrappers and cigarette butts from the Freedom Florence Trails and the pond located in the area. Located north of Freedom Florence Recreation Complex, in the parking lot of the Florence Stockade, we found high quantities of cigarette butts.

All in all, the event had a great turnout.  Volunteers displayed a superb effort in taking ownership of caring for our local waterways.

Phone Number:
(843) 665 - 3236
1440 McCurdy Road Florence, SC 29506

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