Water and Sewer Services

The City of Florence Utilities and Licensing Division of the Finance Department is located at 324 West Evans Street. We take water and sewer payments, set up new accounts, take new tap applications, and answer questions related to these services at this location.
For your convenience, we have two payment drop boxes located in the parking lot of the City Center at 324 West Evans Street.  If you enter the parking lot from Evans Street and proceed to the back parking area to the exit on Cheves Street, the drop boxes are located on your right.  If you enter the parking lot from Cheves Street, the drop boxes will be to your left.

Our normal office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is (843) 665-3155 and our email address is utilitybilling@cityofflorence.com.

Water and sewer utility bills can be drafted from your checking account. To have your account paid through bank draft, simply request a bank draft form, complete it, and return it with a voided check.  If the bank draft form is returned by the 20th of the month, your payment will drafted the following month.  Payment by bank draft will save you the monthly trip to our office and will eliminate the possibility of late fees.

Welcome to the new City of Florence Online Credit Card Payment System

Pay your utility bill using our new online credit card application.

Download step-by-step instructions for registering your account in our new online credit card application.

The United States is the country of permanent establishment for checkout, using US dollars. For questions regarding your City services bill, please call 843-665-3155 or email utilitybilling@cityofflorence.com.

City of Florence, South Carolina Internet Privacy, Security and Refund Policy

The City of Florence (COF) is sensitive to concerns about privacy and is committed to the highest level of integrity in all our dealings with our customers. In utilizing COF’s web and phone based services (Paperless Billing, On-line payments and IVR Phone Payments), you may be asked to provide personal information to participate. Such information may include your COF account number, customer created login ID and password, name, address, ZIP code, bank account and/or credit card information and email address. This information is secured and any transmission of your data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. COF and our online billing and payment providers will not release, trade or sell any information obtained from our customers. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable regulatory standards to guard your non-public personal information.
a. Over-payments and credits are typically applied to the next bill.
b. Refund checks are processed for customer accounts when a credit balance remains after their account is closed out and they have no other accounts with COF.

Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please call 843-665-3155 or email utilitybilling@cityofflorence.com.

Water and Sewer Services Billing and Collection

A. What You Need To Set Up Your Service.

  1. A copy of your lease or purchase agreement.
  2. A picture ID (driver’s license).
  3. Your Social Security Card.
  4. Payment of a $50 fee if your are inside the city limits or $100 if you are outside the city limits.
  5. For same day connection of service, you must set up an account with our office before 11:00 a.m.

If you are an area business we will accept your Federal ID number instead of the Social Security Card.

B. What You Need To Apply For A New Tap.

  1. The exact street address where the tap is to be installed and the name of the subdivision, if applicable. You will be asked to draw a diagram showing the location of the lot and the desired location of meter placement.
  2. Social Security Card or Federal ID number (for businesses and contractors).
  3. Your telephone number.
  4. The tap size needed.
  5. Payment of tap fee at the time of application.

C. Water and Sewer Connection Fees.

The Utility Finance Division calculates fees for 3/4" water taps and 4" sewer taps for single family residences. All other tap fees are calculated by the City’s Engineering Department located at 324 West Evans Street, Florence, 665-2047.

D. 3/4" Water and 4" Sewer Tap Fees.

Single Family Residence Only

Inside CITY INSTALLED$1,680$730$2,410
Inside OWNER INSTALLED (pre-tapped)$580$180$760
Outside CITY INSTALLED$3,400$1,725$5,125
Outside OWNER INSTALLED (pre-tapped)$1,900$900$2,800

E. Initial Service Charge.

  • Inside City $50
  • Outside City $100

F. Water and Sewer Customer

     Monthly Fees and Charges (3/4" Water Meter)

     September 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

Inside City Limits *
Fee/ChargeWaterSewerOther FeesTotal
Availability Charge$11.44$24.13 $35.57
Customer Account Fee$3.69$4.26 $7.95
Garbage Landfill Fee  $3.80$3.80
Roll Cart Fee  $2.75$2.75
City Garbage Fee  $2.00$2.00
Stormwater Fee*   $3.84$3.84
Base Monthly Bill$15.13$28.39$12.39$55.91
Volume Charge Per 1000 Gallons$2.24$3.42 $5.66

* Stormwater fee schedule consists of four categories based on square footage of hard surface area. Fee shown above reflects 1,501 - 5,000 of hard surface square footage.

Outside City Limits *
Fee/ChargeWaterSewerOther FeesTotal
Availability Charge$18.66$39.85 $58.51
Customer Account Fee$3.69$4.26 $7.95
Meter Rent  $1.00$1.00
Base Monthly Bill$22.35$44.11$1.00$67.46
Volume Charge Per 1000 Gallons$3.65$5.58 $9.23

* Outside water rates listed above do not apply to commercial customers located in the water service area served by Florence County prior to July 1, 2002. Outside water and sewer rates listed above do not apply to customers in the Timmonsville service area. To obtain a schedule of these rates and related fees, you may contact our billing office at 843-665-3155.

G. Delinquent Collection Policy

Pursuant to the South Carolina Setoff Debt Collection Act, the City of Florence has the right to collect any sum due and owed by the applicant through offset of the applicant’s state income tax refund. If the City of Florence chooses to pursue debts owed by the applicant through the Setoff Debt Collection Act, the applicant will pay all fees and costs incurred through the setoff process, including fees charged by the Department of Revenue, the Municipal Association of South Carolina and the City of Florence. If the City of Florence chooses to pursue debts in a manner other than setoff, the applicant will pay the costs and fees associated with the selected manner as well.

Phone Number:
324 West Evans Street, Florence, SC 29501
Hours of Operation:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday