High Hill Creek Mountain Bike & Run Park

About the Trail

The High Hill Creek Bike & Run Park is a four-mile park which runs along Interstate 95. The City of Florence in collaboration with the Atomic Mountain Bikers of Florence, developed and constructed the trail which is one of the many trails and waterways throughout Florence.

Trail Map



Location: 2502 Prosperity Way, Florence SC 29501


Hours: Dawn to dusk


Directions: The park is located at the end of Prosperty Way, surrounding the Florence City Fire Training Facility, off Mechanicsville Road.


Difficulty Rating: High Hill Creek is a beginner to intermediate level trail and provides a good ride experience regardless of skill level. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 135 ft. green climb. On average it takes 32 minutes to complete this trail.





Phil's Bicycle World: Full Run - Drone 4k from Second Floor Media on Vimeo.