Junior Tennis Programs


 Chickadees: Ages 5-7 Beginner Red/Orange Ball. June and July. Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30pm to 5:00pm. The focus is on basic tennis skills, movement, throwing/catching, tracking, and coordination. The goal is for the players to have fun and begin to form a foundation for future tennis activities. Instructor Sara Hayden McKenzie. Cost is $10.00.

Robins: Ages 8-11 Beginner Orange / Green Ball. June and July. Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The focus is on developing basic tennis skills, movement, rallying, and coordination. The goal is for the players to have fun, begin to be able to "rally" with a partner, and begin to understand the concepts of scoring. Instructors Kristie Flowers and William Echandy. Cost is $15.00.

Blue Jays: Ages 8-12 Intermediate Green Ball Point Play.* On hold until more participants are approved. This clinic is for younger intermediate to advanced players. Competitive point play with other players of similar levels. Learn different types of scoring for games and tie-breaks. Instructor Kristie Flowers.  Cost is $15.00 . *Participants must be approved/invited to join this group.

Cardinals: 12 and over Beginner Yellow Ball. Mondays  from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. This clinic is for kids 12 and over looking to start their tennis journey with proper fundamentals and techniques. This is a great starting point for teenagers. Instructor Kristie Flowers.  Cost is $15.00

 --> Please contact the Florence Tennis Center at 843-665-3106 for information about clinic days and times and to register.


*Participants must be approved/invited to join these clinics

Pre-Academy - Coming Soon in January 2024 ... please notify Coach Kristie if interested! The focus in pre-academy is improving the skills of players, maintaining stroke technique during rallies, developing the ability to rally more consistently and getting more comfortable with match play situations. Ideal class participants would be players that are currently on school teams or want to join a school team, know how to keep score, or players that have "graduated" beyond the beginner level clinics. Instructor Kristie Flowers. Cost is $20.

Academy - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. The focus in academy is to learn the advanced skills, strategies, and conditioning required to compete at the highest levels of high school and collegiate tennis. Ideal class participants would be players with competitive tennis experience who are dedicated to the sport and driven by the desire to succeed in tennis. Participants should also have consistently taken private lessons, be able to consistently rally (8 or more balls) with a partner with proper technique, have proper serving technique, and have an understanding of all different scoring formats. The clinic will cover detailed stroke production, match strategy, high performance drills, and match play. Instructors Laszlo Leiter and Lee Freeman. Cost is $20.


Private Lessons -are available on a per hour or half-hour basis from the Director of Tennis, Head Tennis Professional, Junior Development Professional and Staff Professionals.


Week long beginner and intermediate camps are offered in June and July of each year.  These camp runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm each day.  Contact the Tennis Center for the next start date at 843-665-3106.

Contact Laszlo Leiter at 843-615-4444 for information on the FTC Academy Camps.


 JTT is for children who have a basic understanding of the game.  Each season includes a number of weekly evening events where kids play each other in singles and sometimes in doubles.  Please contact the Florence Tennis Center at 843-665-3106 for more information.


This free program conducts after-school and weekend tennis activities for beginning and intermediate players aged 6-18.  As a member of the United States Tennis Association’s National Junior Tennis & Learning Network, the Ron James Program targets under-served youth who would otherwise have limited access to the sport.  Its goal is to improve lives through tennis and education.  To find out more, call the Florence Tennis Center at 843-665-3106 or contact Paul at 8943-667-9804.


Free small group clinics are available for individuals with mental disabilities.  Group members have opportunities to compete in Special Olympics tournaments and other events.  For more information, call Mary Sue at 843-230-9106.

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