Athletics Policies and Procedures

The City of Florence Recreation Department operates to meet the leisure time needs of the citizens of the City. It is designed to afford citizens of all ages opportunities to participate in a range of programs and activities that are sometimes passive as well as structured in an atmosphere that is conducive to friendly and sometimes competitive programs with others of similar age, interest, and skill level. Of the highest priority and consideration is that of stakeholders who include all players, coaches, parents, spectators, and other individuals related to leagues, classes, and programs and who participate under the guidelines of honest and fair participation. It is the Department’s belief that overall concern for the participant’s personal growth is far more important than the game or activity. We believe emphasis should be placed on achievement through dedication, hard work, and cooperation with our fellow man rather than winning a contest. It is the hope of the Department that each participant’s experience will be a life enriching one and that each will learn valuable skills, make new acquaintances, and have fun through an organized effort.


City of Florence Athletics Department Discipline Policy

City of Florence Background Check Policy

City of Florence Refund Policy for Athletic Leagues


Emergency Action Plan


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Florence Soccer Association Bylaws

Florence Soccer Association Policies & Procedures

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Florence Athletic Youth League Board Members