Am I able to rent a facility or field for a party, fundraiser, or the like?

Yes, depending on availability. However, the City of Florence requires each and everyone to fill out a Park Use Permit, pay a rental fee, and provide General Liability Insurance, naming the City of Florence as additionally insured for the rental period. More information can be provided by calling (843) 665-3253.


Where do I register for Maple Park baseball, McLeod Park baseball, Little League baseball (Northside Park), Florence Youth Basketball League, Florence Junior Football League, Florence Track Club, Adult League Basketball, and/or Adult Softball League?

We now have online registration for our customers. 

Register Online

Why do I have to pay the $6 insurance fee if I already have insurance for my child?

Every child, 18 years or younger, participating in a City of Florence Athletic Program, is required to pay the $6 insurance fee once each year for the following period: December 1 – November 30. This policy is a supplemental Blanket Accident Insurance Policy which covers participants in all sports while participating during the official season of the sport as a member of a specific athletic team. This policy carries an Excess Benefits Rider in which medical benefits are paid in excess of the total benefits payable for the same loss under any other insurance or health plan.


How do I volunteer as a coach, board member, or general support?

Call Tim Wilson, Athletic Director, at (843) 665-3253.


My child is interested in participating at a certain park in baseball; can I choose in which park he/she Participates?

Unfortunately, no. Maple Park and McLeod Park are governed by Dixie Youth Baseball. Under Dixie Youth, participants are zoned for specific parks, based on the location of the child’s primary residence. Because there is only one Little League Program in Florence County, any participant living in Florence County is eligible to play at the PAL Little League program at Northside Park.