Adult Sports Programs

Adult Basketball

The City of Florence every year host an Adult Basketball league. The league is split up into an Industrial Division and an Open Division. All games are held at the Pearl Moore Basketball Center.

2021-22 Information

  • Registration will begin November 1st 
  • Cost will be $550 per team
  • Will have a Team Rep meeting on Wednesday  Jan 5th at 6:30 pm at Pearl Moore Basketball Center 


Adult By-Laws

Adult Basketball League Roster

Medical Authorization Form

Adult Basketball  League 2022 Season schedule

2022 Adult Basketball League Schedule
Hope Health HustlersHope Health Heat
Victory LapRunning Red 
Team DontaeBalling Brothers
Wakulla HeelsLake City 
Florence FlamesTeam Raheem
RAWTha City 
UPSPlain White Tees
Wed. Jan 19th 
TimeDSG Court
7pmUPS vs Tha City 
8pmLake City vs Team Dontae
Sunday Jan 23
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
2pmOtis vs Victory Lap 2:30 PMHope Health Heat vs Plain White tee 
3pmHope Health Hustlers vs UPS 3:30 PMBalling Brothers vs Lake City 
4pmTeam Dontae vs Wakulla Heels 4:30 PMTeam Raheem vs The City 
5pmRaw vs Florence Flames 5:30pmRunning Red vs QVC 
Wed Jan 26th 
TimeDSG Court
7pmWakulla Heels vs Florence Flames
8pmQVC vs Hope Health Heat 
Saturday Jan 29th  
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
5:30pmTeam Dontae vs Florence Flames 5:30pmLake City vs Hope Health Heat 
6:30pmVictory Lap vs Wakulla Heels6:30pmPlain White Tees vs Tha City 
7:30pmOtis vs UPS 7:30pmBalling Brothers vs QVC 
Sunday Jan 30th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
2pmPlain White Tees vs Team Raheem 2:30 PMVictory Lap vs Raw 
3pmRunning Red vs Balling Brothers 3:30 PMWakulla Heels vs Otis 
4pmTha City vs Hope Health Heat 4:30 PMTeam Dontae vs UPS 
5pmHope Health Hustlers vs Florence Flames 5:30pmLake City  vs QVC 
Wed Feb 2nd 
TimeDSG Court
7pmHope Health Hustlers vs Raw 
8pmRunning Red vs Team Raheem
Saturday Feb 5th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
5:30pmRunning Red vs Plain White Tees 5:30pmRAW vvs Team Dontae
6:30pmBalling Brothers vs Tha City 6:30pmHope Health Hustlers vs Otis 
7:30pmLake City vs Team Raheem 7:30pmVictory Lap vs UPS 
Sunday Feb 6th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
2pmOtis vs Team Dontea 2:30 PMLake City vs Plain White Tees 
3pmHope Health Hustlers vs Victory lap 3:30 PMRunning Red vs Tha City 
4pmUPS vs Florence Flames 4:30 PMBalling Brothers vs Hope Health heat 
5pmRAW vs Wakulla Heels 5:30pmTeam Raheem vs QVC 
Saturday Feb 12th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
3pmWakulla Heels vs Hope Health Hustlers 3:30pmPlain White Tees vs Balling Brothers 
4pmTeam Dontea vs Victory lap 4:30pmLake City vs Running Red 
5pmRAW vs UPS 5:30pmTeam Raheem vs Hope Health Heat 
6pmOtis vs Florence Flames 6:30pmQVC vs Tha City 
Sat Feb 19th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
3pmFlorence Flames vs Lake City 3:30pmHope Health Hustlers vs Running Red 
4pmWakulla Heels vs Team Raheem 4:30pmPlain white Tees vs Victory lap 
5pmOtis vs Tha City 5:30pmTeam Dontae vs Balling Brothers 
6pmRAW vs Hope Health heat 6:30pmUPS vs QVC 
Sunday Feb 20
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
2pmHope Health Hustlers vs Balling Brothers 2:30 PMVictory lap vs Tha City 
3pmTeam Dontae vs Running Red 3:30 PMFlorence Flames vs Plain White Tees 
4pmRAW vs Lake City 4:30 PMTeam Raheem vs Otis 
5pmUPS vs Hope Health Heat 5:30pmWakulla Heels vs QVC 
Sat Feb 26th 
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
3pmTeam Dontea vs Hope Health Hustlers 3:30pmHope Health Heat vs Running Red 
4pmFlorence Flames vs Victory lap 4:30pmLake City vs Tha City 
5pmWakulla Heels vs UPS 5:30pmBalling Brothers vs Team Raheem
6pmOtis vs Raw 6:30pmQVC vs Plain White Tees 
Sunday Feb 27th - Playoffs
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
3pmTouranment Game 13:30pmTournament Game 5
4pmTournament Game 24:30pmTournament Game 6
5pmTournament Game 35:30pmTournament Game 7
6pmTournament Game 46:30pmTournament Game 8
Sunday March 6th - Playoffs
TimeDSG CourtTimeCourt 3
2pmTournament Game 112:30 PMTournament Game 9
3pmTournament Game 123:30 PMTournament Game 10
Saturday march 12th - Playoffs 
TimeDSG Court
2pmTournament Game 13
3pmTournament Game 14

Adult Softball

The City of Florence Recreation Department offers a variety of softball opportunities for adults that include Co-Ed, Open, Industrial, and Church Leagues. Registration is by team only. Teams may register at the Administrative Offices of the Recreation Department at the Barnes Street Activity Center.


2021 Fall Information

  • Adult Open Coed, Adult Open "A" and "B" divisions,  35 and older league
  • Registration Fee: $475 per team for Coed and Open Leagues and $325 for 35 and older 
  • Deadline will be Friday July 30th 5:30pm
  • Team Rep meeting Monday August 2nd, 6:30pm at Freedom Florence Recreation Upper Complex
  • Games will begin Monday August 16th 


  • Open league teams are those that have no restrictions as to who may play on the team.
  • Church teams are comprised of members from a particular church in the surrounding area. Church teams are allowed four (4) non-members to participate with their church.
  • Industrial teams are made up of staffs from the business community. Industrial league rules allow four (4) non-employees to play for a particular business.


pickleball courtPlaces to Play:

Timrod Pickleball Courts

  • located at 400 Timrod Park Drive

Florence Pickleball Club Times:

Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 pm

Saturday at 8:00 am

Sunday at 6:00 pm

Facility is open for public access Sunday through Saturday unless reserved for tournament play

Pearl Moore Basketball Center

  • located at 500 Barnes Street 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm


City of Florence Director of Tennis : Rob Hill 843-624-8754

Florence Pickleball Ambassador:  Debbie Spinazzola  252-532-5074

Pee Dee Picklers Trainer: Nadene Gregg 843-664-8749

Adult Soccer League

Information Coming Soon!