In a growing urban area such as the City of Florence, proper attention should be given to planning, designing and administering capital improvement projects.  To insure the safety and well being of citizens served by the City, these activities must be carried out according to established standards, regulations and policies.  It is the mission of the Engineering / GIS Department to provide for orderly and timely management of these projects.  The Division also, when appropriate, provides technical support for other city work groups, e.g. the Utilities and Public Works Departments.

Primary services provided by the Engineering staff include the following:

-Review development plans, including water, sewer, drainage systems and stormwater    permitting
-Calculate utility tap fees
-Assist in economic development process by providing utility information and costs for line    extensions
-Provide cost estimates and feasibility analyses for proposed water and sewer line extensions
-Review applications, and issue encroachment permits, for construction on city rights-of-way
-Act as liaison with contract consulting engineering firms for design of large utility projects
-Locate city-owned utility lines when contacted through Palmetto Utility Protection Services    (PUPS)
-Inspect ongoing capital construction work to insure compliance with contract requirements
-Carry out in-house engineering design and land surveying projects

Primary services provided by the GIS staff include the following:

-Create and maintain data base files, including utility maps
-Maintain stormwater billing register
-Assist departments in database access and analysis
-Provide printing, graphics and research support services for all city departments
-Act as liaison with external GIS user groups

Staff Structure and Responsibilities

The Division is led by the Director of Planning, Research and Development (Department Director) through the Engineering Superintendent.  The Department Director is a Certified Planner who manages the budget and overall operations of the department. The Department Director reports to the City Manager. The Superintendent has extensive experience in engineering design, project management and facilities operations. He is responsible for day-to-day management and scheduling of the Department's staff. He is also responsible for liason with the City's consulting engineers and for the management of utility capital construction projects. The Superintendent reports to the Department Director. Also, attached to the division but reporting directly to the City Manager is the City Engineer. The City Engineer is a licensed professional engineer and land surveyor. He is responsible for the budget and overall operations of the Department and for management of the City's major capital construction projects.  

Contact information:

Engineering / GIS Department
City Center, Second Floor 
324 West Evans Street
Florence, SC 29501

(843) 665-2047


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,   Monday through Friday