New Art Addition to the City Center Market: 

The CCFM is all about Cultivating a Good Life... read below to learn more about the newest addition to the market.

"Peace, my name is Wilbert Rice aka Infinite. I've recently completed a mural for the City Center Farmers Market titled "Cultivate A Good Life". The theme is about local and organic produce and the fruits and vegetables that are displayed in the art I often see in gardens in the surrounding areas. Farming itself is an art that everyone can apply to their own lives whether it's a task or personal goal. When you are striving for achievement, you should approach your task just like a farmer growing a garden this is why I designed the artwork to say, " Cultivate A Good Life" with the images of morning sun which symbolizes hope coming across the horizon of a field of lavender symbolizing peace and tranquility. Local and organic foods nourish the mind and body with the vital energy to move forward in a positive way. This mural adds a compliment to the City Center Farmers Market where locally grown fruits and vegetables can be purchased, with the vibrant color scheme of the art in the background the atmosphere is set. As a local artist in the Florence area my intentions are to spread positive vibes and the motivation to live better. If you are interested my services of concept and design art, I'm available. Feel free to contact Infinite by phone 843-230-3491 or email, ya'll stay positive."