Attention Residential Sanitation Customers

In an effort to catch up residential yard waste collection for customers, a contractor is doing a sweep of the city limits to collect yard debris. The contractor is currently in Zone #3 and will start in Zone #4 shortly following. For this special collection, the city limits have been divided into collection zones, to view an interactive map with collection zones, click here. 

If you are located in Zone #4 through Zone #6, residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to complete yard work and place debris at the curb for collection. Loose debris such as pine straw and leaves should be bagged and large debris such as limbs should be cut and placed in a pile at the street. This special collection is for residential yard debris ONLY. Contractor debris, mixed debris, and junk items such as old furniture and appliances WILL NOT be collected.

Due to unforeseen circumstances associated with mechanical issues on several garbage trucks; as well as an increase in staff absences, the City has not been able to provide residential yard waste collection consistently over the past several weeks. City staff understands the inconvenience this has created for our customers and apologizes for the interruption of service; however, it was necessary to prioritize household garbage collection. City staff is hopeful that the contractor will assist with catching up the current backlog of residential yard waste collection and return it to a manageable level.

For questions regarding curbside Sanitation collection, please contact the Public Works Department at (843) 665-3236.