Codes Enforcement Letter regarding Trash Pickup

Published Jul 07, 2020
City of Florence, South Carolina
Police Department
324 Evans Street
Florence, South Carolina 29501-3456
Administration: (843) 676-8800
FAX: (843) 679-5677
24-Hour Non-Emergency Calls: (843) 665-3191

  1. Trash Pickup
    • Section 9-77 – Items banned for collection purposes states that the following items will not be collected by city personnel:
      • Waste oil; Waste oil filters; lead acid batteries; Waste tires; white goods; and brown goods.Said items shall NOT be mixed with household garbage/trash, nor residential yard waste collected by the city collection personnel. The owner, tenant, lessee, or contractor should carry these items to an approved site.
        • Brown goods are household or office furniture composed of wood or metal parts, fabric, mattresses, box springs, TV’S, computers or microwaves.
        • White goods include stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers and all other large appliances.
    • Commercial/Landscape contractors must remove their own yard and tree trimmings, construction/demolition materials, discarded building materials and land clearing waste from their job sites to an approved disposal site.
    • If a customer has no way to properly dispose of these banned items, we would ask that you please call the Public Works Department at 843-665-3236 to discuss this matter further.


  2. Placement of Numbers
  • Section 17-33
    • Every Commercial/Residential building MUST have premises identification NUMBERS, these numbers should be at least 4 inches in height and ½ inch wide. This is a life safety issue for police, fire and medical services.
    • These numbers should be placed on the building and be visible from the road.
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