The City of Florence Recreation Services/Sports Tourism Department manages athletic and neighborhood programming activities as well as maintains park facilities located within the City of Florence. The City of Florence City Council appoints residents to the Parks and Beautification Commission.

This volunteer Commission acts an advisory board to the Department and City Council. The Commission helps to establish rules, regulations, functions, goals, policies and procedures for the performance of its duties, and for the use, operation and conduct of all facilities and programs. The Commission is also responsible for the "Adopt a Park" program, the City’s live tree removal program and certain aspects of city beautification.

Current board members are:

Roger Malfatti, Chairman
Jerry Keith, Jr.
Alexis Fleming
Thomasina Foster
Cecil Edward Floyd, Jr.
Ron Roberts
Scott Murphy
MaSabra Player
Walter Sallenger
George Scipio, III
Simon Lee
Anna Belk-Wentzel
Barry Wingard, Jr.
Bruce Mallick
Donnie Carter
Carlos Washington
James McLaughlin
Michael Montrose  

The Commission is to be in tune with local residents in order to pass along suggestions and ideas to Department staff as to what the community wants and needs.