Helpful Links

  • National Fire Protection Association provides a wealth of safety information for adults and children.  
  • United States Fire Administration provides fire safety information for teachers, parents, senior citizens, disabled persons and college students.
  •  gives you the information you need to prepare for a disaster. Learn how to care for yourself as well as your kids and pets in the event of a disaster.  
  • for kids teaches kids how to be prepared in case of a disaster. This site also provides information for teachers and parents.
  • Sparky the Fire Dog provides kids with the knowledge they need to be fire safe. Play games while learning how to be safe with Sparky.
  • Safe Kids Worldwide provides a wealth of safety information for children ages newborn to 19. You can find factsheets and tips for safety topics on anything from safety in the home to being safe on the roadways to sports safety. Each year 9000 families in the United States lose a child due to unintentional injury. Visit Safe Kids Worldwide to learn how to keep you children safe.  
  • Answering Mother Nature. Have a plan! Learn how to be prepared for a disaster from Safekids.
City of Florence Fire Department - Fire Prevention Video click here.