Persons or businesses selling goods door to door must obtain a business license from the City of Florence Business License Office.  Persons or businesses requesting donations door to door must obtain a solicitation permit from the City of Florence Business License Office.  Anyone selling merchandise or requesting donations must carry the appropriate City permit.  A solicitation or business license permit is necessary to solicit anywhere in the City of Florence, including streets, public buildings, and private residences.  Should a person be soliciting without a valid permit, he or she is subject to fines and/or arrest.  If a violation is deemed to have occurred, a summons may be issued to the violating person and/or business.

Never pay or donate cash or valuables to a door to door solicitor, whether or not they appear legitimate.  If a solicitor does not have a permit or appears fraudulent, contact the City of Florence Police Department at 843-665-3191.  

 Download and print the Door to Door Permit Application

The application form is available for download as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file.  For more information, see our PDF page.